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Climate Alarmism

The oldest trick in the book.

Human caused climate change

Humans completely dominate the biosphere.

From a simplistic albedo perspective dark green forests should absorb more sunlight and therefore get hotter than more reflective, yellow-brownish fields or grey cities, but as seen from the satellite they are multiple degrees cooler. Most of the difference can be explained by evaporative cooling. A harvested field in late autumn is mostly bare ground and with modern agriculture dried to farming appropriate levels.
A barren field or concrete surface provide no evaporative cooling at all. Sparse, short grass a little, but the leaf area is still one or two orders of magnitudes smaller than trees. For every kg of dry mass plants create through photosynthesis they lose 200 to 1000 times the amount of water just through transpiration. This process is so inefficient due to Earths extremely low CO2 concentration of just 0.04%. There is never a high gradient of CO2 concentration between air and leaf for diffusion. For comparison Humans breath in air with 20% oxygen and exhale air with 15-16% oxygen.

The result of this water loss is a very efficient cooling process. Once the water vapour is in the air it also increases the heat capacity of the air. It needs to absorb more energy than dry air to increase its temperature by one degree. At night, the humid forest takes far longer to radiate away all the accumulated energy resulting in higher night-time temperatures. In cities the concrete absorbed the daytime energy better than an open field and human activity such as heating, cars, streetlight also add some extra energy to keep higher temperatures than fields.

Surface temerature analysis

Albedo field: ~30%
Albedo town: ~24%
Albedo forest: ~11%

Not a single daytime high temperature was caused by CO2. The warming effect of increased CO2 is estimated at 2W/m2. In summer, the sun radiates 1000-1200W/m2 for our mid latitudes. This means increased CO2 heating contributes just 0.16% to 0.2% of the total available heating power. It is well within the margin of error. As seen in the following image overlays all hotspots are caused by converting a lush, green, humid environment into a dry concrete desert. The following temperatures are surface temperatures and not standard 2-meter air temperatures. The difference between hot and cold is more extreme than for air temperatures, but ground temperatures still heavily affect air temperatures.

Late summer continental Europe

City: 29°C
Field: 28°C
Forest: 20.5°C

Late summer American Great lakes region

City: 30°C
Field: 27°C
Forest: 23°C

Dry period in Brazil

Field: 36-45°C
Forest: 27.5°C

In summary with deforestation humans can increase the daily temperature range by 10C on a single day. This dwarfs the claimed CO2 temperture increase of 1°C over 200 years. The shown hotspots of fields and cities are already included in the temperature increase. This weather manipulation has been going on for thousands of years, but possibly increased in magnitude with modern farming techniques. Since the industrial revolution and the population explosion the affected area increased dramatically as well.

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